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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #5

As unread zombies spread across the city, the ghosts of Nottingham legends Lord Byron and Brian Clough become inexplicably fused together in what must rank as the biggest ego of the century.

Writer - Andy Croft
Writer - Andy CroftAndy Croft is a writer and poet who lives in Middlesborough. He studied at the University of Nottingham and taught Creative Writing at Leeds University.
In 2004 he established Smokestack Books; a radical poetry press which has published over 70 titles. Andy remains committed to the 'common music of poetry' and subscribes to the belief that poetry should be 'part of' and not 'apart from' society.

Artist - Kate Ashwin
Artist Kate AshwinKate Ashwin has been making internet comics since 2002. Kate is best known for her Kickstarter-funded 'Widdershins' comics: Victorian-era adventure stories set in a magically-infused Yorkshire town, featuring grumpy bounty hunters, failed magicians, and more besides. Her other popular title 'Darken' is darker than Widdershins but unmistakably rendered in her distinctive style. Kate's drawing technique involves working directly with a tablet-screen and stylus, building up densely layered images. 'It can be a very time-consuming process'. Kate uses Manga Studio software and claims to be most productive between midnight and 2am.

Dawn of the Unread - Home