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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #6

From the underground sub-culture of a council estate rave to the cutting room floor of one of the world's greatest film directors. Local girl Kerrie Ann Hill meets Alma Reville, wife of Alfred Hitchcock, to talk about their lives, their men, their Psychos.

Writer - Nicola Monaghan
WriterNicola Monaghan is the award winning author of The Killing Jar, Starfishing and The Okinawa Dragon. She also writes psychological horror and ghost stories as Niki Valentine. She teaches Creative and Professional Writing at Nottingham University.

The Killing Jar is set on the council estate where she lived as a child and follows the story of Kerrie Ann Hill, who grows up not knowing her dad, and with a junkie mother. Nicola has resurrected Kerrie for 'Psychos' the latest chapter in our graphic novel Dawn of the Unread.


Artist - Judit Ferencz
ArtistJudit makes images to tell stories. She grew up in Eastern Europe where seven bridges cross the Danube and connect the lowlands to the mountains and now lives in East London. For a brief time she lived in Nottingham, where she illustrated articles for LeftLion magazine. She likes a good story to listen to, to read and to draw, which led her to the world of comics, graphic novels, and eventually to the Dawn of the Unread.

Her woodcut-style is instantly recognisable. She has designed book covers for James Joyce`s works and illustrated for London Transport Museum and Psyched4Sport Magazine. Her graphic novel The Scientist recently won Silver medal at the 3x3 Illustration Professional Show. Judit also delivers workshops in illustration and storytelling. www.juditferencz.co.uk

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