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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #7

DHL was the original Mr Angry – the Basil Fawlty of literary modernism. You name it, he was probably driven nuts by it. Travelling the globe he described Britain as a “giant graveyard” and his enemies as “half-dead”. Here Lawrence’s “savage pilgrimage” from nation to nation becomes a one-man war against the zombification of the human race...

Writer - Kevin Jackson
WriterKJ is a writer, film-maker and pataphysician. He began to collaborate with Hunt Emerson about 10 years ago, on How to be Rich, a comic take on Ruskin's Unto This Last. Together, he and Hunt have also produced another Ruskin comic, How to See, a series of strips about great occultists for the Fortean Times, and a version of Dante's Inferno. Kevin's other recent books include Constellation of Genius and Nosferatu. His latest short film is Dracbeth.


Artist - Hunt Emerson
ArtistHunt Emerson has been drawing and publishing comix since the 1970s and is now officially a Footnote in Comics History. His work appears regularly in publications as diverse as The Beano (UK's cornerstone children's comic weekly), Fiesta (a magazine for Men!), and Fortean Times (a magazine for Nutters!). He has published around 30 comic books and albums, mainly with Knockabout Comics (London). His comic strips have been translated into 10 languages, and he has been awarded several Comics Industry prizes. In 2000 he was named as one of the 75 Masters of European Comics by the CNBDI, the noted French comics Academy.

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