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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #8

William John Cavendish Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck (12 September 1800 – 6 December 1879) was an English toff with a very long name. After inheriting Welbeck Abbey and a wad of dosh he did what most of us would do: he painted all of the rooms pink and then had tunnels built underneath so he could avoid the neighbours. His eccentric building projects meant he created employment for most of the nearby village, who he would reward with umbrellas and donkeys if they put in a good day’s graft. In this comic we are taken underground and into the mindset of a troubled individual whose family would later nearly bring about the premature demise of a certain Archduke Franz Ferdinand…

Writer - Andrew Mulletproof Graves
Writer - Andrew Mulletproof Graves MPP is a doorstep poet, but that doesn’t mean he’s too frightened to leave his house. He’s what happens when you lob John Cooper Clarke, Billy Brag and popular culture into a cement mixer and give it a good stir. His poetry drags you by the hand, kicking and screaming, through the streets, finding beauty and frustration in the everyday. He is a self-confessed troubled poet for troubled times who was made, or rather MOD, in Nottingham. Andrew is the author of Citizen Kaned (2012) and Light At The End Of The Tenner (2014) and has featured on 6 Music’s Cerys Mathews show as well as being a favourite of comic book legend Alan Moore.


Artist - Tony Radev
Artist - Tony RadevToni is a freelance Serbian artist who specialises in illustrations across all media. His work has a strong European influence, veering towards a French style, and is often typified by soft pastel colours. His published work includes Politikin Zabavnik, Max Debris with Djordje Milosavljevic and Marko Stojanovic; various comics such as Krakov, Krakov; and for short story collections in Bager, Bumerang, Strip Mania, and Magazine”9” His work has been regularly exhibited at venues such as Herceg Novi Comics Festival (HSF) and the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade.


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