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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #11

Geoffrey Trease was born in Nottingham in 1909 and would go on to write 113 books. His children’s historical fiction covered every historical period from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages. His most famous book, Bows Against the Barons, is seen as a Marxist reading of the Hood legend, and forms the basis of this tubthumping story that sees the Merrie Men of Sherwood Forest march in protest at library closures. The artwork is by Rum Lad creator Steve Larder, who uses fine pen illustrations and scribbled backgrounds to create an etching effect.


Writer - Alan Gibbons
Writer - Alan GibbonsAlan Gibbons is a full time writer and independent educational consultant.
He is a previous winner of the Blue Peter Book Award ‘The Book I Couldn’t Put Down’, fourteen other awards and has twice been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. A visitor to 180 schools a year in the UK and overseas, Alan is a popular speaker. He instigated the National Libraries’ Day campaign, which was one of the inspirations for the creation of Dawn of the Unread.


Artist - Steve Larder
Artist - Steve LarderSteve Larder is an artist, illustrator and zine creator living in Nottingham.
For a few years he illustrated the poetry page of LeftLion magazine and cheered up the city with his beautiful artwork on the walls of Lee Rosy’s Tea cafe.
He is best known for his self-published auto-biographical comic-zine, Rum Lad.

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