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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #16

Powe Meets Africanus brings together two influential figures in a fight to give voice to Black history. George Africanus was a slave who gained his freedom and became a property owner and entrepreneur. Oswald George Powe was a WWII Radar Operator, activist and author of Don’t Blame The Blacks. When Africanus comes by a poster advertising the Dawn of the Unread series he is saddened by the fact that there are no back historical literary figures and sets out on a quest not only to address this issue but to ensure that there is somewhere for black history to be stored and preserved.


Artist - Conor Boyle
Artist - Conor BoyleConor has drawn graphic novels for Accent UK "Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?", Markosia "Pirates Of The Lost World" and the National Trust of Scotland about the Battle of Bannockburn "Bannockburn 1314: On Dangerous Ground". As part of Disconnected Press publishing, he has also contributed to "Cross: A Political Satire Anthology" and drawn "Sentient Zombie Space Pigs" as well as various other small press titles.


Writer - Panya Banjoko
Writer - Panya BanjokoPanya the Poet is a spoken word artist and writer. Her work has been described as ‘hip hop energy with plenty of shrewd thoughts’. She was one of the Poet Coaches for Shake the Dust, is a patron of Nottingham’s UNESCO City of Literature bid and has won the Black Women in the Arts award for Outstanding Achievement. Her work has been published in a number of anthologies and in 2014 wrote No Tears For Me My Mother about WWII Ex-servicemen. She founded Nottingham Black Archive in 2009, has been involved with the Mouthy Poets for 3 years as a facilitator and mentor, and hosts a talk show - More Talk Than Music - on a digital radio station.

With creative input from Larnelle Phillips, Raphael Blake and Casa Castillo

Dawn of the Unread - Home