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Calm down, it’s only an abookalypse…

If the dead go unread, there’s gonna be trouble. Twelve literary figures from Nottingham’s past return from the grave in search of the one thing that can keep their memories alive…‘boooks’.

Trouble is, the only places that seem to be stocking books these days are supermarkets, and the Unread don’t fancy snacking on the latest celeb autobiography as they're not very nourishing. They need something far more substantial. Libraries and independent bookshops offer a more balanced diet but will only continue to exist if people use them. So stop fannying around and do something. You can start off by having a dabble with our gorgeous front cover, learning more about our literary figures and then progress to the comic stories.

Dawn of the Unread is an interactive graphic novel available across various media platforms, featuring comic stories produced by Hunt Emerson, Michael Eaton, Eddie Campbell, Alison Moore, Nicola Monaghan, Andy Croft and many other great writers and artists.

We launched our front cover on National Libraries’ Day 2014 and new comic stories are released every month up until April 2015.


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Dawn of the Unread - Home