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The Dawn of the Unread Team

Editor - James Walker
Editor - James WalkerJames is the Chair of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio and Literature Editor of LeftLion magazine. He is the ‘bwaains’ behind the Dawn of the Unread literary project. His most recent commission was the Sillitoe Trail; an ambitious transmedia project hosted on The Space; an experimental on-demand arts platform developed by Arts Council England and the BBC. The digital trail is also available on the Apple App Store.

Digital Design - Paul Fillingham
Digital Design - Paul FillinghamPaul grew up in North Notts and studied Fine Art in Leeds where he was mentored by author Jeff Nuttall (Bombculture). An experienced Art Director and web expert, his digital enterprise Thinkamigo supports education, cultural heritage and research projects. Paul co-produced the Sillitoe Trail with James and is responsible for Dawn of the Unread's digital production and embedded content.

Script Development - Adrian Reynolds
Script Development - Adrian ReynoldsAdrian is an unashamed geek who loves comics; from mainstream titles to the furthest fringes of indie. His extensive background in script development means he’ll be producing the main narrative with James and helping commissioned writers to develop their skills, many of whom have never written for graphic novels before. He is also working on two other comics; Dadtown and All Fall Down.

Cover Art - Andy Tudor
Cover Art - Andy TudorAndy is an award-winning artist with more than 20 years professional experience, ranging from small studios to big agencies, childrens’ books and packaging design. Andy's vector-based illustrations of buildings capture the character of the people who use them. One of these, featuring Sweeney Todd, was selected for the Serco Prize for Illustration and was exhibited in London in 2014.

Dawn of the Unread - Home