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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #1

Dawn of the Unread’s opening piece is in the style of American 50s horror comics, which according to campaigner Fredric Wertham were responsible for corrupting young minds. The psychoanalyst outlined his theories in his book, Seduction of the Innocent, which was substantially full of lies. What better genre to open our collection with? The colours for the story are directly sampled from an old issue of one of those comics, and the tradition of having a narrator introduce the story is followed too. Rather than a cryptkeeper or ghoul, ours is a take on literary heroine Edith Sitwell.

Artist - Mike White
Artist Mike White'After traversing through the modern design pipeline, flushing between digital animation, games design, ads, storyboards and freelancing with studios such as Namco Bandai games Asia, Saatchi, Spool Films... I awaken; teaching at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies and illustrating Dadtown a sci-fi graphic novel set for release later this year. I would describe my work as melancholic cyberpunk with corrosive semiotic predilections... but it probably isn’t. Ho-Hum.'

Writer - James Walker
Writer James WalkerJames is the Chair of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio and Literary Editor of LeftLion magazine. His most recent commission was the Sillitoe Trail; an ambitious transmedia project co-produced with Paul Fillingham and hosted on The Space; an experimental on-demand arts platform developed by Arts Council England and the BBC.

Colourist - Rhianne Murphy
Colourist Rhianne Murphy'Mainly inspired by the video game industry, I spend most of my time working on concept art and personal projects. I mostly work on fantasy art as growing up I had a big love for swords and sorcery which influences my style and designs for concepts. I am currently a student at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies.'

Dawn of the Unread - Home