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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #3

Charles Joseph Peace was a notorious burglar and murderer whose legend has been mythologised and romanticised in popular culture over the centuries. Master of disguise; Charlie Peace spent a short time hiding-out in Nottingham's Narrow Marsh slums when on the run from the police.

Artist - Eddie Campbell
Artist Eddie CampbellEddie Campbell is a Scottish comics artist who now lives in Australia. His drawings possess a distinctive pen-and-ink style. He is best known for illustrating Alan Moore's Jack the Ripper graphic novel From Hell. Campbell has worked as a penciller for Marvel Comics (Captain America) and his drawings adorn comic publications all over the globe. Eddie's graphic treatment creates a sinister feel that compliments the victorian music-hall theme of our Charlie Peace story.

Writer - Michael Eaton
Writer Michael EatonMichael Eaton is an accomplished crime writer. He was responsible for the ITV screenplay Shipman about the notorious GP serial killer who, like Eaton, came from Sherwood, Nottingham. His work often has a local theme, championing the underdog, giving rounded, honest portrayals of often damned figures. In Fellow Traveller he tells the story of blacklisted Hollywood screenwriters working secretly on a UK TV production of Robin Hood in the 1950′s. He recently wrote a play about Charlie Peace for Nottingham Playhouse and extends this idea to our graphic novel.

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