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Dawn of the Unread - Issue #4

The legend of Gotham City, Gotham Village and Gotham Fools are explored in 'Little boxes' a graphic tale where reality slips into the realm of insanity and fantasy.

Artist - Francis Lowe
Artist - Francis LOweArtist and award-winning academic Francis Lowe began his career working as a Hollywood special effects and animation assistant ‘Alien 3’, ‘Solar Crisis’ and ‘Tom and Jerry the Movie’. His most recent paper "The Travelling Line: An animator’s journey in itinerant storytelling and illustration" was delivered at the Illustration, Comics, and Animation Conference at Dartmouth College, USA. By examining the relationship between illustration, animation, comics and traditional storytelling, Francis explores their shared values and reflects upon the wonder that the drawn line engenders. As Course Director for BA Illustration and Animation at Coventry University, Francis champions skills-transfer and experimentation in Illustration and animation.

Writer - Adrian Reynolds
Writer Adrian ReynoldsMy dad worked at the university where Hunt Emerson concocted small press creations and so I was exposed to the likes of Large Cow Comix as an impressionable ten-year-old. 2000AD made an impression too, and I became a fan of American superhero comics in time. After graduating I accidentally got a job as a copywriter. That led to me attending the London Cartoon Centre, where tutors included David Lloyd, co-creator of V for Vendetta; and anarchist cartoonist Donald Rooum. I edited an anthology of student work, Discordia. More recently, my interest in comics resurfaced. I am close to pitching my SF title Dadtown, and Arts Council England have indicated interest in my proposed webcomic All Fall Down.

Letterer - Brian Daniel
Letterer - Brian DanielFreelance artist and letterer, Brian spends his time seeking the ever elusive Wendigo.

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